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Norwich NLP Hypnotherapy Treatments and Trainings with Senior Master Hypnotherapist Rick Maczka

NLP Master Practitioner Training

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Take your NLP skills to the next level
To attend this fantastic training you must have completed a recognised NLP Practitioner course

Conversational change

  1. You will learn how to use your language with volition in effective ways to bring about change and as a resource
  2. You will learn the use of verb tenses to shift present problems in to the past or as future solutions in the present
  3. You will learn how to change limiting beliefs in a conversational manner
  4. You will learn 16 patterns for dealing with objections known as Sleight of Mouth
  5. You will learn how to direct someone’s thinking to uncover more positive ways of thinking
  6. You will learn a model of negotiation
  7. You will learn how to find deep unconscious issues and resolve them through language to undo unhappiness (Prime Concerns)

Quantum physics and NLP

  1. You will learn the basic ideas and concepts of Quantum physics and its relation to personal change
  2. You will learn simple principles from quantum theory to enhance your NLP techniques
  3. You will learn the connection between how the mind works more in line with quantum physics then Newtonian Physics and that will bring about change with individuals you work with
  4. You will learn the model of the universe as a hologram and its effect on persons ability to change and even heal

Values for self and values systems

  1. You will learn your personal sources of happiness
  2. You will learn what really motivates you and the make up of what brings about fulfillment in various areas of your life
  3. you will learn to identify and change aspects of values that no longer serve you
  4. You will learn to identify value conflicts and how to overcome them
  5. You will learn to examine your values in terms of your personal evolution and change
  6. You will learn how to align your values or other peoples values in areas of business sales management and relationships

Meta programs

  1. You will learn to discover conversationally someone’s inner filters and how these affect a persons personality
  2. You will discover the unconscious inner patterns and programming that make a person who they are
  3. You will learn how to find someone’s meta programs conversationally and use them to deepen rapport
  4. You will learn how to use meta programs to highlight someone’s skills and strengths and guide them career wise or in relationships

Advanced Sub-modalities

  1. You will learn to use the hardwired neurological drivers to create long lasting change
  2. You will learn how to design specific interventions using the swish pattern for each individual you work with

Advanced Strategies

  1. You will learn how to install strategies through use of logical levels of therapy
  2. You will learn the advanced elicitation of strategies


  1. You will learn how to model excellence and install it in yourself
  2. You will learn how to create trainings and training workshops to install excellence in others

NLP Presentation skills

  1. Your learn secrets of successful presentation
  2. You will learn how to present so you communicate with all personality types
  3. You will learn how to design your own trainings

Plus a whole lot more!

DATES: September 2013 -10 weekends over 10 months plus FREE Supervision for life

Cost £1600 with discounts available for early booking

Payment Plans accepted


After certification and completion of your training you may join the ABNLP or the ANLP, which is a UK based body for NLP

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''You might be Surprised how much you learn''

Contact Rick if you want more details or want to book

 If you just want to sell something unethical, or make money from 'manipulation' please visit another trainer !

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