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Hypnosis, The Unconscious Mind, and the Conscious Mind

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What is Hypnosis? and what it is not


  • it is not being gullible or under someones control
  • it is not being asleep and unaware
  • it is not like on TV or the movies

  • It is the ultimate in control of self and no one will do anything under hypnosis that is against their morals
  • It is for some, a highly aware state with great focus aiding fast treatment
  • It is a natural state of mind we all go into some level of trance in our day .TV hypnosis or stage Hypnosis is often for entertainment not healing or therapy
  • Hypnotherapy is a cooperative process between at least 2 people bringing about a resolution, or effecting a change in ideas, thinking or behaviours benefiting the client

Hypnosis is the word used to describe an experience or state of consciousness other then the waking consciousness. Commonly described as a trance state or a hypnotic state. Hypnosis is about going into a trance, the level and depth of trance appropriate to each individual. Anyone can be hypnotised or go into a trance, as we all have that natural experience of it happening in our lives on a day to day basis.
 It is also said trance is about learning how to go into a trance, we do go into a trance many times in a day, either when daydreaming, or when driving a car and forgetting the journey upoun reaching the destination, or when we suddenly realise we've been so absorbed in a task hours have passed and it has seemed like minutes, or the opposite where time can seem to drag and minutes seem like hours.

What is the Conscious mind?

 The conscious mind is simply whatever we are aware of right now i.e reading this is what you are conscious of, and what the conscious mind is engaged in. Our conscious mind can actually only deal with so much information at anyone time. It has the limit of 7 plus or minus 2 bits of information at any time. It deals with things logically and sequentially. It is rational. 


What is the unconscious mind?


Our Unconscious mind is whatever we are not aware of. We have many sensations occurring in the body, that you might not have noticed, for instance be aware of you little toe, right now? Is it warm? Cool? Pressing against a shoe or sock? Pulsing? Tingling? Almost numb? What you become aware of are sensations that have been going on in the body while your conscious mind is busy with reading.
 Your unconscious mind deals with 24 million bits per second. That means it's coding all the information coming into your from your environment in terms of temperature, light, sound smells and maybe tastes. It is also dealing and orgainising all the internal functions and many things going on of the body, heart rate, digestion, muscle tension and relaxation. It works irrationally, (think how strange some dreams can appear) and works simultaniously on many tasks, strategies, actions and behaviours.


The unconscious has a number of functions

It stores memories ,a fantastic job in itself, and has the ability to re-orgainise and re-collect memories and even repress some. I make use of one of the unconscious minds methods of memory storage to enable a safe, easy, form of age regression to take some  clients back to decisions, or the beginnings of a particular belief to enable letting go of these decisions, or beliefs to allow the client to take on new, more profitable, fruitful decisions and beliefs about themselves, others or the world in general .

Weight loss
Stop Smoking
Fear of Public speaking
Panic Attacks
Pain Management
Anger management
Sports Improvement
Goal Setting
Teeth Grinding
Stress Management
Time Management
Sexual Problems
Relationship Building
Relationship Ending
Confidence Building
Low Self Esteem


 If you just want to sell something unethical, or make money from 'manipulation' please visit another trainer !

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