Norwich NLP Hypnotherapy Treatments and Trainings with Senior Master Hypnotherapist Rick Maczka

3 Certificates 1 Course NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach

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3 certificates in one course?
NLP Practitioner certification
Hypnotherapist certification
Life Coaching Certification
all with a basis in Mindfulness
gain skills that have meaning for all areas of your life

My life is a passion for change, and making a difference in the world, What's yours?
Having Studied NLP, its roots mostly from Hypnotherapy, and having trained and practised as a Life Coach with its roots in NLP, successful goal setting, over coming life's hurdles and so on. I've reached the conclusion they are one and the same, with the caveat. They are different models with each model or mode of operation taking you to the same outcome i.e successful change. Each model gives you a different set of 'tools for your tool box'.
  'Its how skillful you make your interventions,what level of abstraction you make those interventions, and how you lay your stall out for practice that will determine your success'
That is just one of the many things you will learn if you study with me. Nearly 18 years of being in private practice, and continuing to study with some of the best 'Therapists' in the world have convinced me of my ability to teach you how to work under any title you wish. After all 'meaning is context dependent'. What context or contexts do you want to have the skills in, to reach the greatest number of clients?
240 hours of study and practice for £1200. Where else would you get skills that mean something for life at this value?

If you just want to sell something unethical, or make money from 'manipulation' please visit another trainer !

 If you just want to sell something unethical, or make money from 'manipulation' please visit another trainer !